Contract and Procurement Services


  • Early Market Engagement
  • Strategic Procurement Planning
  • Tender Development
  • Probity Planning
  • Evaluation Planning and Management
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  • Contract Onboarding
  • Contract Management Planning
  • Supplier Management Planning
  • End to End Procurement as-a-Service


  • Sourcing Strategy Templates
  • Pre-Procurement Planning Guides
  • Supplier Briefing Guide
  • Probity and Ethics for Government
  • Strategic Vendor Management
  • Standing Offer Arrangements
  • Importance of Stakeholder Engagement
  • End to End Product and Service Planning Benefits
  • Evaluation Templates
  • As-a-Service Government Procurement


  • COVID effect of productivity in Sourcing
  • Global “Butterfly Effect” on forward procurement planning
  • How government elections impact budgets
  • Why doom and gloom triggers change in governments
  • GovP2P as-a-Service solution now DOD secured
  • Providing Services to Governments in Australia
  • World Sourcing Trends – coming our way.
  • Tech Tips for Streamlining day to day procurements
As a Service Solution

Save Time and Costs with GovP2P’s Government Procurement “As-a-Service” Solution !!

The “As-a-Service” model fully supports low risk and low-value procurements up to $1M.
Driven by the GovP2P workflow solution and supported with experienced staff guiding every step of the process.
Using a Hybrid model of both “As-a-Service” and a highly skilled and experienced consultant to enable the internal stakeholder engagement.
This offers support to internal business processes and requirements. Often used for larger project procurements that involve detailed guidance and engagement with internal staff.
Our “As-a-Service” procurement staff will also continue to support each procurement activity to continue to ensure the most significant value for money and quality assurance each procurement.

“60% faster then our traditional procurements, GovP2P provided us the transparency and stakeholder engagement needed to support our project delivery”  – Name withheld

Customer Commitment
Of course, for the heavy lifting or extensive tendering processes, we also offer our dedicated staff that generally operate from client’s premises.
While this is seen as more like the traditional style of delivery, the GovP2P model has a bonus: you get the dedicated staff member, but they are backed by a team of experienced staff with a broad spectrum of experience in supply chain sourcing, procurement, contract development and audit skills.