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  • A forward procurement strategy enables the planning of budgets, resources and program deliverables.
  • Unlike the private sector, most governments are bound by legislation and policies to ensure all procurement and public spending is appropriately provisioned, thus requiring preplanning to meet the business needs.
  • As each procurement is unique, it is important to ensure the planning and processes meet the department’s regulations, policies and the overarching Federal, State and Local Procurement Policy.

GovP2P offers three models of delivery:

1.The traditional consulting services, whereby experienced resources are utilised inhouse to plan, deliver and handover a contract and contract management plan.

  1. Procure to Pay as a Service, whereby each component of the procure to pay lifecycle can be attained as required. The benefit to our Client is the savings of not retaining in house contractors or staff while waiting for administrative progression or approvals.
  2. A mixed model of on the ground staff and the unique GovP2P procure to pay service, this is ideal to address peaks and troughs in operational procurement teams. This model addresses high volume procurements and benefits the organisations that have common contract anniversary dates for renewals or review, such as the end of financial or calendar year. 
  • The “how” is dependant on your preferred delivery option, though based on our experience it is ideal for our Clients to utilise the Procure to Pay as a Service with an initial Forward Procurement Planning consult.
  • One of our experienced Strategic Procurement and Contract Managers would work with your team and form a forward procurement schedule, to help determine the most appropriate time to start each procurement process.
  • All Customers will be setup with access to their dedicated SharePoint portal, enabling access to review schedules and plans. The primary contact of each procurement activity will be notified throughout the process and when each procurement plan is complete and scheduled.
  • In order to deliver the best outcome, it is recommended the Forward Procurement Planning sessions are scheduled as early as possible. These will determine the required timeframes for each procurement activity and enables planning to support the best outcome for every procurement.
  • An initial planning session is used to map each procurement activity to define the size, complexity, risks and timeframes.
  • GovP2P will provide advice and recommendations for the strategy to complete the procurement activity.
  • A secure dedicated SharePoint Portal is used to enable realtime access to each plan, forward procurements and activity progress.
  • The portal provides additional features to assist you in managing the Contract throughout its lifetime.
  • The roles and responsibilities are well defined, ensuring all stakeholders and parties to the activity are informed and each step can be managed and reported.
  • All documentation is aligned with each Government Procurement Policy though will be branded in accordance with the department.
  • The GovP2P team will work closely with the primary contact for each procurement to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Here is a comparison of the traditional timeline for Procurement Vs Procurement as-a-Service through GovP2P’s unique solution.

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