What Exactly Is The Policy to Process Service?

GovP2P has been assisting government departments and government owned corporations for almost two decades with procurement, process and compliance, and is well positioned in driving positive change by standardising much of the core procedures needed by your team. 

We invite you to experience our distinctive points of differentiation:

Policy to Process Service

  • We have proven capability in establishing standard operating frameworks, methodologies and processes.
  • Our experience is specific to Governments and Government Owned Corporations.
  • Our SOP development model enables continual improvement of the SOP’s within departments.
  • GovP2P offers a unique option to custom each SOP based on the local polices and legislation
  • We provide the tools to enable departments and teams to rapidly deploy the new procedures with little to no impact in business delivery.

How Does It Work


An initial planning session is used to map each SOP development activity to define the size, complexity, risks and timeframes.


GovP2P will draw on industry best practise to ensure coverage of each SOP.


Each SOP is checked with the Policies to ensure alignment to legislation and audit requirements


All documentation is aligned with Government Policies and will be branded in accordance with the department templates.


The GovP2P team will continue to support changes and revisions for an additional 12 months for each standard operating procedure.


The SOP owner or custodian will be notified when legislation changes are made that may effect the content or procudures.