What Exactly Is The Procurement as-a-Service Model?

Using a Procurement “as-a-Service” model is different. It’s innovative and it saves you time and money while ensuring each procurement event is compliant in every way to your department’s and government legislation, policies and processes.  

How would using this service save me money?

  1. The “as-a-Service” model fully supports your low risk and low-value procurements under $1,000,000. Driven by the GovP2P workflows with experienced staff guiding every step of the process.

2. Using both the “as-a-Service” and a part-time resource enables stakeholder engagement and offers greater support to internal business processes. Often this is used for larger project procurements that involve detailed guidance and engagement with internal staff. Our “as-a-Service” procurement staff continue support each procurement activity.

3. Of course, for the heavy lifting or large tendering processes, we offer dedicated staff that generally operate from our client’s premises. While this is seen as more like the traditional style of delivery, the GovP2P model has a bonus: you get the dedicated staff member, but they are backed by a team of experienced staff with a broad spectrum of experience in supply chain and procurement.