“Procurement as-a-Service.”

For too long now, procurement services across Queensland Health and many government departments have been seen as the “road blocker” and not as the enabler that it should be. This greatly effects every category in all supply chains across all governments, which in turn reduces the effectiveness and achievable value from the procure to pay lifecycle.

While Government Procurement processes serve a purpose to meet the government mandated deliverables and ensure legal compliance, ethics, probity and fairness, it is often seen to inhibit innovation. As a government department, almost all activity is driven by some legislation or public obligation. It is no different with procurement and contract governance. The complication of meeting all the requirements under a government mandate are often exacerbated by complex and lengthy processes.
Government departments must also provide transparency and auditability for each public engagement, as expected in any democratic government. The end to end procurement processes differ from agency to agency yet, all are attempting to achieve the same outcome of quality, value for money and compliance.

Now, that being said, it’s often not done well or inconsistently. Commercial type applications and workflows have been tried and tested, yet they inadvertently fail for government organisations due to lack of flexibility, auditability and policy compliance as this was never considered as a requirement in application developments and planning for commercial organisations. For example, in the health sector we shouldn’t be expecting our dedicated clinicians and frontline staff to know hundreds of pages of legislation, policy and processes. Their focus should remain on giving patients their full focus and applying their expert skills.

This is where GovP2P shines! For almost two decades GovP2P has, been working within Federal, State and Local governments across Australia, fine-tuned the methodologies, processes, workflows and produced a dedicated customer experience that automates much of the required processes. Whether you need to augment capacity with your Procurement, Contract, Vendor Management, Procurement Audit and Project procurement staff or simply reduce your operation workloads by automating the light touch procurement activities.

Reducing workload and confusion for staff, and to free them from non-core work such as the procurement process, is just the start in delivering value in the GovP2P services. Governments Departments and Government owned entities operate in an ever-changing landscape. GovP2P adapts itself to every level of government while maintaining ease of use for those managing and requesting procurements.

Yes, using a Procurement “as-a-Service” model is different. It's innovative and it saves you time and money while ensuring each procurement event is compliant in every way to your department’s and government legislation, policies and processes.
Where or how would using this service save me money?:

1. The “as-a-Service” model fully supports your low risk and low-value procurements under $1,000,000 or higher risk and less value or perhaps the operational renewals where the business knows what is needed in detail.
2. The mixed model of “as-a-Service” and a part-time resource to drive stakeholder engagement and support business internal processes such as approvals and sign-off management. It is also often used for larger project procurements that involve detailed guidance to internal staff. The “as-a-Service” procurement staff backup and support each procurement activity.
3. Of course, for the heavy lifting or large tendering processes, we offer the dedicated staff that generally operate from our client’s premises. While this is seen as more the traditional style of delivery, the GovP2P model has a bonus: You get the dedicated staff member, but they are backed with a team of experienced staff with a broad spectrum of experience in supply chain and procurement.
Greg Sullivan

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