What Exactly Is The Procurement Consultant Model?

Using the Consultant Model or traditional contractor style enables greater stakeholder engagement and offers greater support to internal business processes. Often this is used for larger project procurements that involve detailed guidance and engagement with internal staff. The consultant will work in-house and also have the backing of the GovP2P team to drive greater efficiencies from the procurement process.

Procurement Consultant

  • Use of Online Portal
  • Full time Consultant/s on site
  •  Full access to Staff
  • Business Case Support
  • Governor in Council Drafts
  • Facilitation of Requirements
  • Strategic Procurement Plan
  • Legal Engagement
  • Probity Engagement
  • Probity Planning
  • Probity Training
  • ITO/RFQ/SOA Development
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Evaluation Report
  • Contract Development
  • Legal Consultation
  • Contract Management Plan
  • Assurance Certificate
  • 12 Months CMP Management
  • 12 months Contract Advice

Ideal for procurements from $1M+

How Does It Work

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